World renowned carvers and two of the best instructors in the business Bob Guge and Josh Guge will demonstrate how to master this unique form of art that incorporates; drawing, three dimensional design, and painting. Guge Institute offers a huge variety of classes year round. Check out the schedule to see which one fits your niche.

The Guge Institute of Wildlife Art was founded by Bob and Josh Guge who are local artists and instructors. The Guges have gained National recognition for winning numerous Best of Show and World Championship awards at prestigious carving competitions around the country. Bob has been teaching wood sculpture seminars for twenty years. Josh graduated from Judson College with a B.A. in Visual Communications. He worked as an art teacher at Westminster High school and has since gone on to follow in his father’s footsteps as a professional carver. Students from all over the U.S. seek out the Guges every year for their professional instruction.

The Guges art studio is located at Josh’s unique home in the town of Gilberts, IL. This studio provides a relaxed learning environment where students will enjoy a spacious work area. The Guges provide a productive atmosphere where both beginners and advanced carvers can excel in their art.